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Purchase Bees and Equipment


Saskatraz and Italian Packages and Nucs 2021

Italian/Carniolan hybrids are the strain most beekeepers own and beekeeping suppliers sell. They build up well in the Spring and are generally gentle and good honey producers.

Saskatraz is a new strain being developed in Canada with the aim to generate a more mite tolerant and northern winter hardy race which are gentle and very good honey producers. (see the saskatraz project) On the whole they show improved mite resistance but are not the finished article and like Italians will require mite monitoring and treatment where appropriate. They do show excellent winter hardiness, are gentle and great honey producers. I have changed over the majority of my yards to these bees. My saskatraz queens queens have been open mated in CA. In my opinion this degree of hybridization adds to their vigor.

Packaged bees and nucs, BOTH available with Maine lineage, Italian/Carniolan hybrid or Saskatraz queens. Package pick-up in early May, Nucs available from early mid May through July.

3lb packages with Maine lineage Italian/Carniolan hybrid queens $139,

3lb packages with Saskatraz queens $179,

5 frame nucs with Maine lineage Italian/Carniolan hybrid queens $189,

5 frame nucs with Sakatraz queens $219.

Order now by sending full payment with order and please include your contact phone and/or email to

Bee Whisperer, 236 Main Road South, Hampden ME 04444

Equipment available more being added all the time.

  Telescopic Cover   29.00  
  Inner Cover   15.00  
  Deep (brood) Super   23.00  
  Deep Frames (10)   18.00  
  Deep Foundation (10)   21.00  
  Deep Plastic foundation(10)   21.00  
  Bottom Board (screened)   24.00  
  Bottom Board (Solid)   22.00  
  Queen Excluder   8.50  
  Medium (Honey) Super   15.00  
  Medium Frames (10)   18.00  
  Medium Foundation (10)   17.00  
  Escape board   20.00  
  Brush   9.50  
  Hive Tool  10”   8.50  
  Smoker   38.00  
  Veil   24.00  
  Helmet   16.00  
  Veil Jacket Combo            S           M           L           XL   69.00  
  Leather Gloves                 S            M           L           XL   20.00  
  Full Bee suit with fencing veil (gloves not included)   99.00  
  Starter Kit Unassembled (Telescopic & inner covers,2  deep supers, frames, foundation, screened bottom board, smoker, hive tool, gloves, veil, helmet, rim, entrance feeder )   299.50   
  Add on Kit Unassembled (2 medium supers, frames, foundation, queen excluder, escape board)   125.00  
  Basic hive Unassembled (Telescopic cover, inner cover, 1 deep super, frames, foundation and screened bottom board.)   125.00  
  Assembled and Painted Basic hive (1 deep super, with frames and foundation, Inner & Outer Covers, Bottom Board) Great for swarms!   169.00  
  Assembled and Painted Full hive (2 deeps, with frames and foundation, Inner & Outer Covers, Rim, Bottom Board)   274.00  
  Assembled and Painted hive WITH BEES & QUEEN installed  (2 deeps, with frames & found., Inner & Outer Covers, Rim, Bottom Board) available in June   489.00  
  Hop Guard   10.00  
  Formic Pro (contains 2 strips suitable for one large hive)   10.00  
  Oxalic acid (contains enough for 20 treatments or more)   19.00  
  Oxalic acid vaporizer   99.00  
  3lb Package Bees   see above
  Five Frame Nucs      see above
  Winter patties   4.00  
  First Lessons in Beekeeping book   14.00  
  Plastic entrance feeder   7.00  
  Frame grip   12.00  
  Beekeeping tuition at my bee yard (per hour)   30.00  
  Beekeeping tuition at your location (per hour) plus travel   40.00  
  Honey extracting medium and shallow frames only price per frame   2.50  
  Bottling each   0.50  
  Swarm Lure   12.00  
  Rim  package installation or winter feeding   7.00  
  Drone frame for mite removal   7.00  
   Bee Cozy R8 winter hive insulation suitable for two deeps
   Bee Cozy R8 winter hive insulation suitable for 1 deep
   Bee Cozy R8  inner cover insulation
  Sub total      
  Sales tax at 5.5%      

Checks payable to: Peter Cowin, 236 Main Road South, Hampden, ME 04444   207 299 6948

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