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Pollination Services

Each timeĀ a bee travels from flower to flower it becomes dusted with pollen and in doing so transfers pollen from flower to flower. This process of pollination is vital to the vast majority of agricultural crops.

Crop yields are greatly affected by the location and abundance of pollinating insects.

Each year more than 70,000 bee hives are brought to Maine to pollinate orchards, blueberry fields and other farm crops. The effect of having honeybees can we quite remarkable. It is estimated that with blueberries in well maintained fields the crop will increase by 1000lbs per hive per acre compared to no honeybees being present!

I own relatively few hives and each spring I transport some of them to small farms and small holdings to pollinate a variety of crops.

In some case my hives are only needed for a week or two and in others they remain in that location pollinating a succession of different plants as they flower through the spring and summer.

If you would like a quote for pollination services give me a call at (207) 299-6948.